Portfolio Strategy for a Fragmenting Market

The growth and evolution of coffeehouse culture globally has reflected some of the most prevalent cultural trends, namely premiumization, betterment and flavor exploration. Torani, the global leader in the coffeehouse flavorings market has partnered with Trinity to create a product portfolio perfectly positioned to meet that evolving culture. Through its tiered structure and sub-brand innovations, Torani continues to meet the needs of a growing and fragmented consumer base.

Architecture / Innovation / Product Brand Positioning / Identity System & Packaging Design / Brandmark Evolution

The fastest growing new syrup line in Torani’s 95-year history

By rooting everything Torani in the timeless, delicious, flavor-driven core brand, Trinity was able to bring to life multiple new offerings consumers craved. The elevated Torani Signature line was created to meet the needs of those desiring something different, better and worth more - with a distinctly elegant, crafted positioning reflected in high end ingredients and handcrafted design. The Torani Puremade line was developed for the betterment consumer, conveying an entirely natural, warm and wholesome offering reflective of its simple, clean ingredient deck. The Puremade line exceeded its original sales targets by 20% in its first year, and is the fastest growing new syrup line in Torani’s 95-year history.

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