UV Vodka

Design & Print Innovation for a Brand Experience

Spirits brands are competing in an ever more competitive world, and brands that are innovating to deliver their consumers engaging and entertaining experiences are outshining the rest. Phillips Distilling asked Trinity to integrate groundbreaking advancements in photochromic (sunlight activated) inks in our redesign of its popular UV Vodka brand. The objectives? Elevate the brand and deliver on its“Vodka for a More Colorful Life” positioning in a way that would engage, entertain and make it something people were excited to share with others.

Creative Strategy / Identity System & Packaging Design / Innovation

UV Vodka launched in 2021 & is now rolling the new look out across its flavored vodkas

Trinity created a showstopping end-to-end experience for UV, designing for both the times when the labels would be activated (in the sunlight) and when they would not (at shelf, indoors). The UV bottle literally transforms in front of consumers eyes from a bold, premium, minimalist look to a vibrant, energetic and mesmerizing one, serving up the ultimate insta-moment. This harmonious blend of design and technology draws people in, gives them something to talk about, and makes any party way more colorful.

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