Founders All Day IPA

It’s All in the Taste

Founders Brewing Company, one of the top ten largest craft breweries in the United States, operate in an exciting but challenging craft beer category. This category is characterized by constant innovation and launch activity with increasing sophistication in how these brands show up for and engage with the US beer consumer. Consequently, there was a need for Founders to develop a fresh approach to both understanding the US beer consumer that looked beyond commercial data and to create a more consumer centric perspective to facilitate strategic development.

Portfolio Management & Innovation Pipeline Development / Brand Strategy / Communications Strategy / Creative & Omnichannel Campaign

Award-winning consumer segmentation study; mindstates model and dashboard

The first step in this program was to develop a mindstates segmentation model, from which the insights would allow Founders to plan strategically for the future with a unique framework that encourages fresh thinking and could be applied to Founders planning, design and marketing efforts for the entire portfolio.

All Day was the first brand in the Founders Portfolio to benefit from the mindstate model. The ambition was to accelerate brand growth by increasing usage in underleveraged occasions build relevancy with lapsed consumers while attracting new consumers to the brand. We achieved this by positioning All Day to focus on mindstates that offer large market opportunities for the brand.

It's All in the Taste campaign aims to highlight All Day as the beer that lets you have it all; refreshing AND deliciously flavorful; easy drinking AND high-quality; and always perfectly balanced. The creative expression is social, fun and relaxed.

We developed an omnichannel strategy to ensure the campaign drove tangible business value for Founders. The right message to the right people at the right time to accelerate brand engagement and growth.

All Day’s It’s All in the Taste campaign has so far been a great success for Founders targeting and engaging new younger LDA consumers and the brand is now seen as more relevant to our target audience in more occasions.

High Quality

Lapsed Consumer +12%

New Consumers +14%


Lapsed Consumers +9%

New Consumers +14%

For Any Occasion

Lapsed Consumers +15%

New Consumers +14%

Photography – Lexus Gallegos

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