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The US whiskey market was hot, but a vast difference existed between the high tradition of old country Scotch single malts and the personality-driven blends of US whisky brands. VDC, a Virginia-based distillery, had built their brand on a blend that linked the two and was now looking to define an entirely new category in whisky. They would use the processes of Scotch Single Malt distilling and aging but make it in America with only American raw materials. VDC engaged Trinity to create a brand that would bring the old country forward to build the new – in a single disruptive America Single Malt brand named Courage & Conviction.

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Success has fueled a substantial geographic market expansion

Recognizing that a little tradition goes a long way, we made the Old World’s presence known primarily through elements of structure and a cream, copper and rich blue color palette. But those heritage elements exist as a foundation for the boldly contrasting design features that make Courage & Conviction stand alone in today’s whisky landscape. Proud typography and a tall vertical label make it clear that this is not your Grandfather’s whisky. Since its release in 2020, Courage & Conviction continues to garner awards and accolades, expanding distribution extending to several new releases.

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