Fercullen Falls

A Whiskey Made to be Shared

Fercullen, an Irish whiskey brand distilled by The Powerscourt Distillery, was looking to capitalize on enormous growth of the Irish Whiskey category ($4.7 billion in 2022, estimated to reach $7.5 billion by 2028) and the growing segment of younger adult whiskey drinkers (18-35yr olds make up 40% of new whiskey drinkers). They asked Trinity first to understand the opportunity with this consumer group and build a strong sub-brand targeted to connect with them where, when and how they were drinking.

Brand Strategy / Voice & Messaging / Creative Strategy / Packaging Design / Brand Identity System / Brand Guidelines

Achieved 1st year sales target within first 8 months of launch

Extending from Fercullen’s existing line of prestigious whiskeys, a new blend was developed for the sub-brand – one perfect for higher energy and social – often cocktail – occasions. The new product strategy would provide 100% incremental growth to the existing core portfolio. With he product strategy now in place, we turned our attention to developing a brand strategy, name, identity, packaging, and ultimately activation.

We developed a “Step Up” brand strategy rooted in the insight that younger adult consumers are at a stage of growth in their lives, and are seeking out moments to celebrate their achievements both large and small – most often with friends. The name “Falls” was inspired by both the stunning waterfall located on the grounds of the distillery. Design brings the falls to life in contemporary and bold fashion, evoking the texture of the waterfall’s natural rock formation and highlighting the way the water twists and blends as it cascades down.

Building further, we developed a comm strategy, campaign and social to attract and engage this newer, younger whiskey consumer. The tagline “Made to be Shared” embraces the conviviality of Irish whiskey and makes clear that Fercullen Falls is a social whiskey made for mixing and sharing with friends. An omnichannel campaign kicked off appropriately with a run up to the most convivial time of the year – Christmas – targeted at consumers looking to host a get together or catch-up over seasonal cocktails. 

With Fercullen Falls, Fercullen has wildly expanded the reach, meaning and share of the brand.

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