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EarlySense developed a superior approach to hospital-grade remote monitoring that solved many of the existing problems in the space – it is nonobtrusive for patients, reassuring to family, and provides powerful data and actionable insights for providers, enabling them to drive health-critical decisions and reduce re-hospitalizations. The team engaged Trinity to create a brand strategy, messaging platform and corporate identity that would bring EarlySense’s unique combination of personable and powerful to life and position the company for rapid growth and acquisition.

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Successfully sold its intellectual property rights for $30 million

Trinity’s design combines understated strength with a friendly simplicity. The custom-drawn wordmark is confident yet approachable. The primary color palette’s classic blue and warm grey reinforce reliability through a modern expression. A secondary palette of vibrant green adds energy, vitality and a spirit of innovation. Secondary graphics include three vibrant green dots as a reference to the data points that are at the very center of EarlySense’s technology, and as a tool to extend the system across the brand’s broad range of touchpoints.  

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