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Fact: People have been storing vodka in their freezer for as long as iceboxes have existed. Why? Because chilled vodka just tastes better. So when our friends at Phillips Distilling, located in Minnesota – the coldest state in the country – asked Trinity to help them create a brand strategy and innovative package design for the only vodka specifically designed for the cold, we were happy to oblige. We were charged with creating a super-premium Cubist Vodka brand that would bring a fresh approach to the vodka category and had the unique opportunity to utilize thermochromic (cold activated) inks to do so.

Brand Strategy / Creative Strategy / Identity System & Packaging Design / Copywriting / Innovation / Sales Materials

Research shows 75% of consumers perceive Cubist™ as unique from other vodkas

Trinity’s sophisticated bottle design for Cubist takes the brand experience from elegant subtle suggestion to refreshing reward. At room temp a geometric cube pattern presents as a silvery pattern barely visible through the clear vodka from the back panel. Once the liquid begins to chill, however, it transforms, bringing color to the cubes and revealing the message that the liquid is now “Chilled to Perfection” and at the perfect temperature – 0ºC – to enjoy. Delivering a refreshingly good taste, design and experience that’s sure to get people talking.

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