Expanding the Portfolio – and Meaning – of a Beloved Brand

Torani, the 94-year-old family-owned company, is known for its colorful bottles of flavored syrups ubiquitous in cafes, bars and restaurants around the world.

Over the past 10 years, Torani has focused on innovating and growing in step with the changing tastes of their consumers and their café-operator and foodservice customers. Recently, in response to consumer preferences for healthier eating with fewer, cleaner ingredients in their foods, Torani asked Trinity to help define the company’s portfolio architecture and develop an identity and packaging for the newest member of their portfolio, Torani Puremade, a line of Torani products with a simpler ingredient deck.



Differentiation without Cannibalization

As we evaluated the Torani portfolio, we saw the risk of confusion or cannibalization that could occur without a clear role and story for each product line. We would need to define the unique reason for being for each, creating enough distance between Puremade and the brand’s original line to keep customers and consumers from conflating the two.

While long-time consumers of Torani’s original line are driven primarily by their love for flavor and flavor assortment, target Puremade consumers’ interest in simpler foods meant that their quest for flavor was always accompanied by a desire to avoid artificial and complicated-seeming ingredients. But it was not a matter of looking for a lesser version of what they really love.  We identified that when it comes to “simple” product offerings, consumers are looking not for what isn’t there, but for the desire to have it all, without compromise. The new Puremade sub-brand positioning and design would need to deliver meaning and value far beyond what the products are missing.



Do More with Less

We dug deep into consumer and customer motivations for choosing both of the two product lines to articulate a unique and relevant product positioning for each.

For Torani’s original line, we articulated a positioning around being The One True Original. It captures the Torani brand’s storied heritage as the first flavored syrup in the U.S. and emphasizes the constant flow of new and original flavors and product innovations the original line continues to deliver, to meet their flavor-loving consumers’ desire for creative flavor exploration.

For the new Torani Puremade line, we defined a positioning around delivering amazing flavor that has everything you want and nothing you don’t – to satisfy the consumers’ love for amazing flavor without compromise. To bring this idea to life in packaging, Trinity would need to ensure that packaging conveyed all that makes the Torani brand and its passion for flavor so special, while clearly signaling that this is a simpler, cleaner ingredient deck.



Everything You Want, Nothing You Don’t

The new package design is unapologetically Torani. Not stripped down like many of the other “simple” products on the market, packaging was crafted to convey everything that is good about the product inside – incredible flavor with nothing artificial. The new design system takes strong ownership of Torani’s equity red by turning the neck capsule color red and by using a red band to house the brandmark and create a powerful shelf block. The Torani brand’s timelessness comes through in the package’s warm tones and elegant touches (thoughtful use of gold, heritage stamp). The deliciousness of the product inside is conveyed through prominent and artfully crafted flavor illustrations. Initially launching with 8 flavors, the illustration system is easily extendable to accommodate any number of future possibilities.

At the same time, the lockup of “PUREMADE” with Torani ensures clarity that this is a unique sub-brand with its own role to play. Two simple, but powerful, “NO” statements underneath the illustration provide the information necessary to immediately understand just what makes this Puremade line different. It was important that café operators found the new product easy to understand and to find in a busy environment with multiple flavors sitting together on a countertop, so we brought the flavor name and illustration to the top of the label.

The end result? Torani customers and consumers can easily find the Torani that is simply perfect for them. And a Torani Puremade packaging system and design that clearly telegraph’s the promise to deliver absolutely everything they want and nothing they don’t.

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