Ninety-year-old Torani, known in cafes throughout the world for its flavored syrups, is expanding its reach through new product innovation. The portfolio stretch provides flexibility for adapting to new market segments and opportunities. Its newest product is a chai concentrate that targets vulnerability in the market with a more accessible chai flavor profile, and no preservatives or artificial flavors.

The chai food service market overall is valued at $20MM and growing. The opportunity for Torani was significant, and the brand relied on Trinity Brand Group to help it realize its potential, drive revenue and steal share. At the same time, Trinity would need to help Torani align its package design system across its expanding portfolio to drive a unified brand architecture that would set the stage for growth.

Torani Chai Insight


The Evolving Palate

The Torani chai product satisfies the tastes of the evolving mainstream palate in a way that no major players currently do. It is sweet enough but not too spicy, and unlike any major competitor, includes real ground organic spices. There is even a satisfying bit of spice left at the bottom of the cup when the drink is finished, a moment of truth and delight for customers. Delivering the product’s unique appetite appeal and experience would be crucial for the new package.

Torani Chai Strategy


Iconic Yet Extendable

Package design is considered to be the primary delivery vehicle for the new Torani portfolio strategy. The chai package design would establish a new architecture for the brand’s core line of innovative products. Although the initial launch is aimed at food service, the longer-term plan is for additional flavors and a strong shelf block at retail. The right design solution needed to be iconic yet flexible enough to form a strong, navigable packaging system that could easily extend to future products.

Torani Chai Creative


Deliciously Torani

The final design for the chai concentrate package maintains the approachable European sophistication of the Torani brand while subtly updating the brand’s key wordmark equity. The iconic Torani signature has been simplified for improved legibility and a cleaner look, then placed inside a strong red band to ensure the brand is findable and unmistakably Torani. The use of whole spices to accompany a delicious drink on a dark wood table drives distinction and creates the impression that the spices were just ground. A simple but clear flavor callout ensures the extendibility of the line. Overall the package expresses a delicious authenticity that is true to both the chai product and the Torani brand.

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