Building a Platform for Acceleration

TERRA is a global innovation accelerator that pairs experts, decision-makers and innovators from industry-leading food and agri-business companies with established start-ups to capture and foster synergies that turn breakthroughs into scalable solutions. Founded in 2017 as a partnership between global firms Rabobank (the leading financial service provider in the food and agribusiness industry) and RocketSpace (the world’s pre-eminent technology accelerator) and entering its 3rd cohort term, TERRA needed to better articulate its vision and its unique brand positioning within the crowded food industry accelerator space. They turned to Trinity Brand Group to help develop a brand strategy and messaging that would clarify for its key audiences exactly what makes TERRA unique, compelling and extraordinary.





The Value Created

Trinity saw that TERRA had a complicated story to tell, and multiple audiences to tell it to. They would need help prioritizing and clearly articulating the most important pieces of that story in a way that would have the most impact. We identified that much of the current marketing communications were explanation-focused rather than benefit-focused, and that to truly be compelling to both the corporate and the start-up audiences they would need to make the tangible value that TERRA creates a much stronger part of messaging.



Fueling Groundbreaking Transformation

First, we needed all partners to align on TERRA’s vision. With Rabobank’s mission of “Growing a better world together” and RocketSpace’s “Helping the world’s top innovators bring the future to market,” the right brand vision for TERRA would articulate the potential of what those two entities could accomplish together. We knew that broad platitudes about saving the world would not motivate and drive real, effective programming. Trinity worked with the TERRA, RocketSpace and Rabobank teams to define TERRA’s reason for being—TERRA exists to advance the well-being of our people and planet by fueling groundbreaking transformation in the Food & Agriculture industry. This ambitious but very results-driven vision set a high bar for success and set clear standards for corporate and start-up partner recruitment.

We defined the right audiences, the big idea that makes TERRA unique and compelling, the brand’s core values, and the benefits that would matter most to their audiences. This rigorous strategic platform provides a strong foundation for focused decision-making and all brand communications.



Clarity, Strategy, and Tools

With the strategic brand platform in place, we created focused and benefits-oriented key messaging tailored to each of TERRA’s key audiences. We developed an elevator speech and answers to fundamental questions such as “What is TERRA?” and “How does it work?”. The brand’s vision, positioning, values and messaging are encapsulated in a Brand Book used by all stewards of the TERRA brand as a resource for how to understand and talk about the brand in a consistent and impactful way. Much of the messaging work can be found today on the TERRA website and in their program collateral, helping their audiences navigate and understand why TERRA is right for them.

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