Transforming a Brand to Meet a Changing Consumer Landscape

Quantum Health, a family-owned natural health supplements company founded in 1981 has a robust product portfolio with distribution in more than 35,000 stores. While its product range was strategically positioned to take advantage of the growing wellness trend, the Quantum brand had not evolved over time, and now lacked both the differentiation and the necessary natural cues to compete effectively on shelf. Trinity was engaged to help define a new positioning, create a clear product architecture, and design an iconic, shop-able identity and packaging system that within 5 months of launch has delivered double-digit growth and significantly expanded distribution.



Consumer Trust is Key

A combination of rapid expansion and loose regulations in the natural supplements market had created a category filled with small brands bought up by big, faceless corporations and with fly-by-night players who didn’t always adhere to labeling requirements. The media had been reporting on the un-reliability of claims being made by many in the category. Consumers were losing trust. Quantum would need to instill confidence in consumers about its authenticity, quality and effectiveness as it fit into their wellness focused lifestyles.



Doing Right

Because Quantum is a long-standing proudly independent family-owned company with no intention of getting acquired, Trinity focused on making the company’s independence the foundation for how Quantum is different from the fly-by-night or big corporate brands. We defined and articulated Quantum’s unique promise, “Doing Right,” to reflect the brand’s uniquely principled approach to doing business and to communicate the key consumer benefit of personal empowerment to do right for one’s self. This message of trustworthiness and empowerment meets consumers’ needs and assuages their concerns in this chaotic and often intimidating category.



Break Through in Heart, Mind and Shelf

The new identity and package design delivers a distinctive sophistication that places the brand firmly within the natural space while at the same time conveying its efficacy. The premium aesthetic speaks the visual language of a modern, personal lifestyle brand. The hand-painted watercolor brandmark against a pure white palette shows a human touch and promises an effective solution that’s more natural. The distinctive packaging stands out on a crowded shelf, with a visual architecture that is easily navigable throughout the entire natural supplements section. A quieter, cleaner communication hierarchy is easy to shop and understand, reinforcing Quantum as a brand one can trust. The result – an attractive, cohesive, easily extendable system with big impact throughout the entire natural supplements category.


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