The Path to New PathWater

PathWater, a social-minded startup built around a very smart product offerring, was looking to disrupt the massive and fast-growing bottled water market by bringing a commonsense solution to the sea of environmentally harmful plastic that currently saturates the category. With its unique aluminum container, the company had a solid mission and a big product idea, but lacked a brand. The team at [then-named] “Refill It” engaged Trinity Brand Group to help the fledgling company with a unique product become a premium lifestyle brand.



Value Beyond Price

Trinity determined that, while water is the simplest of elements and the simplest way to do good for one’s body, a bottled water that provided a great drinking experience while being affordable, convenient, healthy and responsible just wasn’t on the market. We then examined key markers related to consumers’ affinity and loyalty toward disruptive brands—Warby Parker, Harry’s Razors, Target—with strong relevance to PathWater’s target audience, and identified several factors that impact how they shop and why. They look for products that make a statement, have a strong point of view and values they can align with. Most importantly, they all offer an accessible aspiration in both quality and style—offering value far beyond price, and lifestyle appeal more relevant today than the higher priced brand alternatives. Once we identified those pillars, the foundation was laid for a solid brand strategy.

Bottle aluminum on white background , water oil , clipping path


Simply Better

Trinity developed the brand strategy “Simply Better” to highlight the superior and commonsense solution of the sleeker, more elegant, far more responsible (reusable, infinitely recyclable) aluminum bottle and the high-quality water inside. The Simply Better philosophy would drive decision making and visual and verbal expressions rooted in keeping things simple, innovating for good, and making premium accessible. In line with the new brand strategy, we recommended that the Refill It team change the brand name to something more emotional and aspirational. The name “PathWater” was born out of the company’s mission to reduce plastic for a cleaner environment.



Fit In & Stand Out

Trinity was charged with bringing PathWater’s Simply Better brand to life in a visual brand identity and on its most important touchpoints—the package and website. To achieve the brand’s premium simplicity and emphasize their difference from all the plastic and glass out there, we took a minimalist approach to showcase the sleek silver of the aluminum bottle. Complemented by crisp blue accents, the palette ties together both the water and aluminum elements at the brand’s core and makes it clear, despite the non-transparent packaging, that we are water, first and foremost. The prominent wordmark and water drop brandmark help reinforce the message, shown on two panels to ensure visibility no matter how the bottle is shelved. The brand’s “Path” is reinforced by the arrow pathway integrated into the brandmark water drop, also used as an extractable brand icon on the lid and throughout other communications. The result? A water package that breaks through with consumers and on-shelf.

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