Returning a Category Founder to a Leadership Position

Norton by Symantec is at the forefront of security software, protecting individuals and small businesses against today’s most aggressive threats with the Norton Security by Symantec product portfolio. However, Norton’s packaging, a vital marketing tool for the brand, felt generic and outdated. It didn’t support the brand’s premium offerings and caused confusion for retailers and consumers trying to understand the difference between solutions and tiers, working against local sales managers’ attempts to achieve retail goals. Additionally, Norton was producing 43 unique package form factors across its global markets.

Trinity helped Norton realize efficiencies of scale by developing a packaging strategy that met retailer needs in 153 countries with fewer than 10 package forms. We redesigned the package graphics to powerfully differentiate Norton Security from the competition, and used clear and effective messaging to differentiate between service offerings to make it easier for customers to understand what they were purchasing. The package redesign went beyond the stodgy software shelf, helping Norton to expand its presence throughout the entire retail environment.



Investigating the Global Reality

We gathered information through global consumer research and retail audits, as well as internal stakeholder and supplier interviews. We identified areas for packaging efficiencies for Norton and identified a significant opportunity: categorically, security software packaging overused the “shield” look and feel. Additionally, few competitors were taking advantage of a key selling opportunity—consumers were purchasing security software at the same time they purchased other accessories for their new smartphones and laptops.



Thinking Outside the Box

We first developed a packaging strategy to reduce global form factors by over 75%, decreasing operational cost and complexity and ensuring better control over consumers’ brand experience. We then worked with Norton to position Norton Security as a vital accessory to complement consumers’ exciting technology purchases.



Crashing the Category Mold

The Norton package redesign broke the mold of the typical category approach to branding. We maintained the brand’s established and highly navigable yellow box equity, but redesigned it with a sophisticated, modern strength that stands out from the rest of the software shelf and more accurately reflects the brand’s truly cutting edge protection. The thoughtful use of space, metallic colors, modern typography and an iconic ring graphic provide the appropriate technology backdrop for a messaging strategy that very clearly differentiates between products and tiers.

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