Leveraging Loyalty Across Categories

Lucerne Dairy Farms is the oldest and largest Albertsons Companies-owned brand with over $1.2 billion in annual sales. Its potential, however, is so much more given its breadth: 475 SKUs across 20 categories including milks, yogurts, cheeses, eggs and beyond. But consumers found the brand boring, and they did not recognize or consider the brand from one aisle to the next. If Albertsons (then Safeway) could grow consumer loyalty across categories and get half of Lucerne households to buy just one more Lucerne product, incremental revenue could potentially reach $33.5 million a year. They asked Trinity Brand Group for help. Through a confident brand strategy and an iconic packaging design system, Trinity helped Lucerne transcend a commodity stereotype and connect emotionally with consumers.



Wholesome Is Where the Heart Is

Trinity first identified truths within dairy and the 110-year-old Lucerne brand. Although a commodity, milk holds a powerful link to childhood and motherhood and their highly emotional associations around freshness, wholesomeness and nurturing. The brand also had a long history and a strong dairy farm presence in idyllic coastal Northern California. Combined, these insights led us to exciting areas where Lucerne had compelling opportunities.



Celebrating Life’s Simple Pleasures

We developed the brand’s manifesto — “Celebrating Life’s Simple Pleasures” — to bring our insights to life and capture the charm of a place where it’s the simple things that matter most. We added “Dairy Farms” to the name to give the brand a sense of place. The strategy was built to inspire an execution that would tell an authentic story and take consumers momentarily to a place where life is unhurried and uncomplicated.



Charmingly Fresh

The capital “L” and custom typeface for the brandmark evoke authority and personality. A milk churn bookended by “Since 1904” illustrates the brand’s long history of dairy expertise, and the white palette expresses fresh, simple wholesomeness. The illustration of the shared moment between a mother and her calf give the brand an authentic sense of place and an enduring innocent charm. The silhouette and its colored backdrop create a consistent, flexible design system that ensures the brand feels as right in the cheese aisle as it does in yogurt, milk and whipped cream. Seasonal and limited edition SKUs include an extra delight – scenes reflect special details of the season like a snowy scene or falling leaves.

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