Capturing a Superior Adult Beverage

After working for decades in the adult beverage business, a team of industry experts founded Vivify Beverages and set off to craft a superior adult beverage with vibrant flavor combinations and a clean, crisp finish. They engaged Trinity Brand Group as their partner to help define the brand’s creative strategy, nomenclature, packaging and brand expression.



Inspired by the growth in better-for-you carbonated soda brands like Spin Drift, Joia and La Croix, Vivify Beverages had a vision for a truly better better-for-you option – one that would appeal to adults on both a product and a lifestyle level without sacrificing taste. Current alcoholic beverages hadn’t caught up with consumer demands for cleaner ingredients, and were still filled with artificial flavors, artificial colors, and loads of sugar. Millennial women, the primary consumers in this category, are attracted to aspirational brands who personify their best self. Not only are these consumers seeking positive, super premium brands, they are connecting with brands that are multi-faceted and full of personality. The Vivify team also looked to recent growth in culinary-inspired beverages in developing their flavor strategy to set the brand apart and clearly signal a new and different experience.



First, the new brand needed a name. Together with the team at Vivify, a robust naming exploration was conducted focusing on the brand name, product descriptor and flavor names. “Itz Spritz” was selected as the final name after a call with the client where we asked, “Well really, what is it – a cocktail, a spritzer, a cooler? Vivify said, ‘It’s a spritz” and the name was born. The name is playful, fun and distinctive. It defines for the consumer what the product is and sets it apart from the competition. Like the most successful brand names, it is memorable, easy to say, and reflects the sophisticated and fun nature of the brand.

The brand’s character was rooted in part in one of Itz Spritz’s founders, Kate. Kate’s charismatic persona of a confident woman—as comfortable in a little black dress as a pair of jeans—set the stage for an appealing and sophisticated new better-for-you offering.

Now that we’d landed on names and identified the brand character, Trinity developed a “Savor Simplicity” creative strategy as the foundation for design. Design of the new brand would need to express that keeping things simple can reveal the sublime taste of a product’s essential parts. With no preservatives, no added sugar and crafted to be gluten free, Itz Spritz consumers can truly enjoy the clean, crisp delicious flavors.



The Itz Spritz brand identity brings to life the duality of the product and the brand personality. It is inviting and friendly, yet at the same time chic and sophisticated. Textile patterns and high-end fashion brands inspired the iconic leaf and fruit treatment. Coupled with a timeless typeface, the brandmark makes a confident statement. The navy blue is a grown-up touch balanced with bright fruit-inspired flavor colors. Fanciful, expressive flavor names add another element of playfulness appropriate for the category and occasion. The final touch is appetizing product photography that highlights the bubbly, clean, crisp liquid and gives consumers a clear understanding of the product inside. Fruit garnish adds appetite appeal and draws people in at shelf. The total effect is a distinctive and arresting visual identity and package that delivers the fresh, better-for-you and flavorful fun of an adult beverage like nothing else on the market.

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