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It’s a Woman’s World: Designing a Breakthrough Alcohol Brand for Today’s Consumer


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With widespread innovation in the ready to drink (RTD) beverage alcohol space, companies behind the new products were still leaning on practices and insights developed in beer and spirits categories which focused primarily on male drinker’s needs, wants and behaviors. Yet, today’s female is the primary purchaser of alcoholic beverages consumed at home and THE gender representing growth in alcohol consumption. No one was giving her a product she actually wanted or a brand that reflected her values and personality. At a time when consumers want premium experiences and seek out natural flavors and ingredients as part of a wellness-focused lifestyle – current ready-to-drink options were still high in sugar, made with artificial ingredients, and had uninspiring flavor profiles.



After working for years in the adult beverage business and not finding a product they actually wanted to drink, two women founded Vivify Beverages and set off to develop a sophisticated, high quality, portable flavored alcoholic beverage that would be lighter, more interesting, and appropriate for a wide range of occasions. After extensive research, trial and tastings, they landed on a delicious and bubbly all-natural, gluten free cocktail-inspired spritzer made with only 5 ingredients. They had the perfect product, now they needed a brand to bring it to life.



The creative strategy, “Savor Simplicity,” was developed to reinforce and celebrate the idea that beauty can be found in the simplest of forms and can deliver a superior experience. In collaboration with the founders, we developed the name “Itz Spritz” to express that simplicity in a playful, easy to say and totally memorable way, while laying claim to the fact that it’s a spritzer – and not just another hard seltzer!

To express a premium quality brand unapologetically targeting women, we wanted to create a visual identity that felt like an accessory – an extension of her lifestyle and personality. We took inspiration from textiles and couture fashion brands – using patterns and graphic illustrations to disrupt the category by delivering flavor and refreshment cues in new and unique ways. We chose a rich, deep navy for the distinctive brand mark that feels more like a logo seen on 5th avenue, than an alcoholic beverage in a can, while the elevated product presentation is balanced by a fun, yummy palette of colors and textures. Photography highlights the sparkling, clean, crisp liquid. The full effect is a distinctive brand like nothing else on the market, ripe to define the high end of a now explosive category.

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