A Noble Endeavor

Casa Noble Tequila, owned by Constellation Brands, rated by Men’s Journal magazine as one of the world’s very best tequila makers, and noted as a company that “makes a range of tasty handcrafted (and certified organic) lowlands tequilas. All are superb…,” recently decided to take what felt like a natural step into the ultra-luxury tequila category with its release of Colección Del Fundador. This collection of rare, limited-release tequilas showcases the brand’s founder and master tequillero, Jose “Pepe” Hermosillo’s, lifelong pursuit to push the boundaries of his craft. 2016 marked the collection’s inaugural year with Volume 1, Alta Belleza.

Constellation turned to Trinity Brand Group for their understanding of the ultra-luxury category and experience working with tequila brands to make Colección Del Fundador’s entrance into the market a success.



The Evolution of Tequila

Since the advent of the Extra Añejo category, tequila has taken on the sort of connoisseurship traditionally only found in cognacs and whiskeys. With high-end bars trading traditional spirits for more unique and distinctive tequilas, Constellation Brands saw an opportunity to elevate the Casa Noble brand in the eyes of both tequila lovers and fine spirit collectors.

Priced at $1,200 with a limited production of 563 bottles, it was imperative that Alta Belleza speak the language of luxury – one rooted in both perfection and minimalism. It was equally important that Alta Belleza link to Casa Noble’s DNA to drive awareness and sales of the recently relaunched core line. The strategy, nomenclature and packaging design would need to be the perfect balance of Mexican heritage, elevated simplicity, and a bespoke expression of the brand.



Brand Building from the Top Down

Trinity started with an audit of the luxury category and the super luxury spirits market to identify category drivers and evaluate how other brands approach their luxury line extension. We developed a portfolio strategy that connected strongly to the base brand while giving consumers the right visual signals to reflect the exquisite liquid and elevated price point. This strategy drove our approach to naming for both the luxury line and the 2016 first edition. The name Colección del Fundador was selected to clearly signal that this is a special and limited collection of tequilas specially developed by Hermosillo. It is directly in line with the brand’s strategy that making the world’s finest tequila is its “Noble Pursuit.” The name Alta Belleza pays homage to the meeting of two of the world’s finest terroirs, the world renowned vineyard of To Kalon in Napa Valley and the rich agave fields of Jalisco, Mexico. The finishing touch that separates Alta Belleza from any other tequila available is its final rest for six months in Tonnellerie Taransaud French Oak wine barrels previously used to age Cabernet Sauvignon from To Kalon. Greek for the “highest beauty,” To Kalon served as our inspiration for the name Alta Belleza, which is Spanish for “high beauty.”

To position Alta Belleza as an ultra-luxury tequila we developed a creative strategy around “The One Thing.” Luxury tequilas are defined by the extreme of innovation, rarity, aging, adornment and craft, yet in order to find success in this market a brand needs a single-minded focus.  We focused on Alta Belleza’s “One Thing” that made it stand out from competitors – the To Kalon wine barrel aging. The liquid’s beautiful copper red tone and seductive velvety mouth feel was the element that needed to shine through. Our strategy was to embody the craftsmanship and story behind Alta Belleza, bringing together the rich history of the brand passed down through seven generations of tequila makers with the prestigious To Kalon vineyard.



A design that Invites the Senses

The Alta Belleza packaging is hedonic with attention to detail at the forefront. To create a luxurious experience for the senses, we worked with bottle fabricators, metalsmiths, box makers and book binders from across three continents.

The bottle, designed and crafted in France, has a silhouette that invites the senses – first look, then touch – to finally, taste. Its outstanding glass weight and impressive base emphasize the bottle’s ultra-luxurious and statuary expression. We added to it an elegant custom metal collar and closure. The silver finish brings together the best qualities of both European decorative arts, and the celebrated silversmithing tradition of Mexico. We took inspiration for the ball-closure from Casa Noble’s signature core line and gave it an elevated expression with a decanter setting. The collar is engraved and finished with the scalloped edge of the Casa Noble seal.

The result – a package that is a perfect complement to the artistry of Alta Belleza.

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