Albertsons Signature Select Light Bulbs

Helping a Household Staple Shine on Shelf

Following Albertsons 2015 merger with Safeway, the Boise-based retail grocery giant was consolidating its expansive portfolio of Own (private label) Brands. Products from a range of existing brands and categories would be brought under a single Signature Select™ brand. Signature Select’s brandmark would remain consistent across products, but package design was tasked with competing hard within each individual product category, delivering a striking presence on shelf and signaling extraordinary value over the national brand. Albertsons turned to Trinity Brand Group to tackle one of the most complex product categories in retail: light bulbs.



Too Bright to See

Trinity’s light bulb audit uncovered a category defined by information overload. A multitude of numbers, product specs and descriptors vie for limited space on packaging. LED bulbs, with their more premium, eco-friendly benefit communications, create another tier of complexity. The typically unengaged light bulb shopper is faced with a confusing landscape of un-systematized package architecture cues that vary across products, tiers and brands. Our design solution would need to bring reason to chaos, to make shopping for light bulbs easy.



Simplify and Clarify

Trinity’s strategic approach was to simplify and clarify. We identified over 12 unique communication elements required on package. The right design solution would create a clear, seamless communication hierarchy while delivering on the promise of extraordinary quality and value. We focused on creating a visual path to bring order and simplicity to the consumer’s navigation.



Shine a Light on It

Trinity’s design solution delivers a tiered design system that simplifies the shopping experience through a consistent architecture, wattage cues and placement of product specs across both the core line and the more premium LED line. The system architecture centers around a triangular graphic emanating left to right on the package. Used as a containing shape to organize and highlight key product information, it also evokes light rays cast by the products themselves – a tasteful nod to the category and an effective brand blocking tool on shelf. Negative space, seldom seen on competitors’ products, provides the consumer a restful place amidst the chaotic shelf, enabling the shopper to more easily process information. A distinctive and friendly color palette cues wattage across the core line and extends its role systematically as accent colors across the more expensive LED line, which has a more sophisticated silver light ray against a midnight blue background to support its elevated price point. The result is a high quality, easy to shop product family that attracts, informs and delights.

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