Culturally Curious

Culturally Curious

Our work has deep meaning for us. We take pride in the strategic design work we create, but it’s the partnerships we enjoy with our clients that are at the core of who we are and exemplify our expanded reach as a firm. No matter where our clients are headquartered or where their consumers are, we begin by applying both rigor and empathy to build an understanding of their unique situation. This approach reminds us that as an organization we are far more than where we come from, more than points on a map. By being curious and thoughtful about how we relate to other cultures and communities, we all win.

This approach to working with brands is the foundation that drives us to be culturally curious, to be courageous in our approach and open to possibilities. We immerse ourselves in each of our client’s world to translate their culture into our brand and creative strategy.  We learn and listen first –  so that the approach we take resonates with our client and their values, and aligns with their consumers wherever they live.

This enthusiastic spirit has defined our relationship with Carling Beer as we helped articulate how their UK Premier League sponsorship could manifest in far-off places like Ukraine, Australia and Ethiopia. Across such a diverse map, we found that – while fans pulse with a universal shared passion for football – each market had its own cultural nuances and unique regulations that informed the types of successful branded executions we developed.

From the earliest days of Trinity Brand Group, we’ve immersed ourselves in the nuances of clients and cultures from around the globe. One of our first programs was to evolve the identity for Pathé, a world-renowned French entertainment company known for producing and distributing exceptional films. Upon its acquisition of the iconic Gaumont theatre chain, they needed to refresh the Pathé brand and create a culturally relevant brand that could reach across the globe.

Through our immersion in Pathé’s world and our understanding of the different markets where the brand would need to live, we helped our client partner retain their brand’s uniquely French sensibility along with their quirky sense of humor and passion for arts and culture as we extended its relevance around the world. To this day, we take pride in and inspiration from the part we played in furthering Pathé’s mission to provide joy to consumers worldwide through movies and entertainment.

And, in recent months, one of our most gratifying moments has been to see our branding work come to life with the re-opening of the Sullivan’s Brewery in Kilkenny, Ireland. With our office in Dublin and expertise in the craft beer industry, we were uniquely suited to partner with the centuries-old brewing family to position and design the Sullivan’s brand for today. Our work with them took us deep into the Kilkenny community for inspiration and even for local resources as we designed and helped build out the brand’s taproom in the center of the city.  When the doors of the brewery’s taproom opened, we were exhilarated and humbled.  The people of Kilkenny have inspired us with their open hearts, passion and goodwill, something that will stay with us forever.

At the end of the day, this is the stuff that fuels our passion for the work we do. It’s our aim to make a difference in the lives of the people we touch from around the world to right here at home. The best way to do that is to slow down and listen.

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