TBG News: The SF Market Launch

TBG News: The SF Market Launch

San Francisco Wholesale Produce Market Unveils New Moniker, Fresh Look
Trinity Brand Group Helps Rebrand a San Francisco Icon

SAN FRANCISCO – March 21, 2018 –San Francisco’s original and only wholesale produce market has a fresh, new moniker—The SF Market—and a bold new look to express the vibrant and critical role it plays in the Bay Area’s food economy and the broader community it serves. Home to a diverse range of 31 produce merchants spanning wholesalers, distributors and online grocery delivery companies, The SF Market provides critical infrastructure that connects food businesses throughout the Bay Area to a vast range of fresh produce from farms both local and around the world. With a landmark 60-year lease from the City of San Francisco and special recognition as a historic asset by San Francisco’s Legacy Business Registry, The SF Market has undergone a major rebranding effort. The new logo and look and feel is showing up on its website, on signage at its 55-year home in the Bayview-Hunter’s Point neighborhood and on merchant trucks crisscrossing the Bay Area.

Trinity Brand Group, based in Berkeley, developed the brand strategy and the new design to vividly bring to life the centrality of The SF Market in sustaining a healthy and vibrant Bay Area. Formerly known only as the San Francisco Wholesale Produce Market, the new shorter moniker was created to make it easy and memorable, and to firmly root the brand in its San Francisco home. The leaf logo expresses both the freshness and the centrality of The SF Market. Easily recognizable on merchant trucks, it will serve as a way for businesses and consumers to know where their fresh food comes from. And, new signage at the entrance of the Bayview-Hunters Point operation will infuse the neighborhood and The SF Market itself with new energy and color.

“As a pillar of the Bay Area’s food economy and a non-profit social enterprise, The SF Market is a hidden gem in San Francisco,” said Matthew Youngblood, Co-Founder of Trinity Brand Group. “With its innovative track record of helping food businesses grow at every stage and size, The SF Market has played an instrumental role in how the Bay Area has evolved into a leading food destination. With the power of this new brand, we are proud to invest in the future of The SF Market and excited to help them grow and sustain their leadership role.”

Today, The SF Market provides fresh fruits and vegetables to food businesses throughout the Bay Area and beyond. The SF Market makes things grow. As a central player in expanding the reach of small and local farmers, it has created jobs for more than 800 people and provides the fresh food that fuels the city’s thriving food scene.

“We have been thrilled to have the expertise of Trinity Brand Group behind us as we took this important step to rebrand our organization,” said Larry Brucia, President of the Board of Directors. “Through our collaboration with Trinity and the roll-out of our new look, our goal is to increase awareness of the enormous positive impact of The SF Market and to connect with food purveyors and the community in a bigger, better and more meaningful way than ever before.”

Currently, The SF Market is undergoing a multi-phased $96 million reinvestment project to upgrade and expand their facility in Bayview-Hunters Point, including an 80,000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art building to support emerging food businesses, local farmer partnerships and an engaged community.