A colorful conversation: Why color matters to your brand

A colorful conversation: Why color matters to your brand

At 75.4 million, Millennials have surpassed Baby Boomers as the nations largest living generation. Close behind and growing everyday is Gen Z. In a world where creativity and authenticity are valued above all else color is everywhere. We see it on graffiti in the streets, in fashion, in contemporary art and especially in the grocery aisle.

At Trinity Brand Group color is something we work with everyday. It is our job to help clients identify potential and build brands for the future. When it comes to color we’ve learned that a consumer’s reaction to color is far more important than the color itself (Journal of Sensory Studies Volume 26, Issue 6, December 2011).

We recently worked with The Happy Pear to bring color and typography together to build a successful brand positioned for innovation. (case study here)

Through the brand positioning “Make Life Better” we selected a canary yellow and integrated the carrot orange from their original store to create a more sophisticated core expression that maintained the optimistic, friendly, cheerful persona of the brand.

While these colors may seem odd within packaged foods they are true to the founders’ spirits, and are striking on shelf.

The Happy Pear launched their new packaging in late 2015 with great success. We are excited to share their new hummus, one of many new products launching this year. Stay tuned as they continue to grow their business and pursue healthy eating and living.

Remember color is king! Don’t dismiss the power of color when looking to design a new brand or redesign an existing one. Consider how consumers will react to different colors, and which colors evoke emotions in line with the brand essence. Are the colors aligned with competitors or are they disruptive? Will they drive sales? Do they stand out on shelf?

Every color has a story to tell.